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Services and knowledge areas

Aleph Tech has an innovative vocation and helps other companies to advance in progress, applying our knowledge and expertise to solve their technological challenges. 

Our work start when we listen our clients and we help them to define their technology problems. This allow us to assess our ability to provide the best solution to our client´s challenge.


- Applied Research and Development. We offer innovative solutions to scientific and technical problems with a high component of physics engineering and mathematics. We can work independently or co-participate in projects with third parties.

- Development of Turnkey Projects. Aleph Tech has a team of experienced electronic, software and mechanic engineers. Our scientists and engineers allow us to address problems in a multidisciplinary way and offer turnkey solutions. We have the capacity to integrate the developed solutions in production processes or services to our customers.

Knowledge areas

- Applied Physics and Mathematics
• Mathematics: differential equations, numerical methods, statistics, geometry, algebra.
• Physics: fluid mechanics, elasticity, optics, thermodynamics.
• Modeling and simulation of various phenomena and systems: biochemical, industrial, systems of many particles and crowds, diverse dynamical systems
- Computational Intelligence
• Mathematical modeling of complex processes.  
• Data analysis, advanced probabilistic models and statistical studies.
• Computer vision and analysis of signals, images and video.
   - Industrial vision, medical imaging, satellite, etc.
   - Pattern recognition and video tracking.
• Bio-inspired algorithms and metaheuristic in optimization and decision making in operations research
- Software
• Software development for industrial applications
• Software for data acquisition and signal processing
• Software control of electromechanical systems
• Design and development of various software, databases, internet and mobile
Optics and Metrology
• Optical systems
• Optoelectronic systems for measurement, quality ccontrol and safety
- Electronics
• Design of analog and digital circuits
• Integration of sensors. Acquisition, analysis and signal processing
• Communication systems wired and wirelesss
• Integration of electronic systems and control
- Turnkey solutions and multidisciplinary integrations (integration of the above areas)
• Robotics: mechatronics, sensors, electronics, software, computational intelligence, communication
• Development of measurement equipment: sensors, electronics, software, signal analysis
• Machine vision solutions: optics, software, computational intelligence


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